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 Muserver Season 4 Full + SubServer

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Lucas Roberto
Lucas Roberto

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Muserver Season 4 Full + SubServer Empty
MensagemAssunto: Muserver Season 4 Full + SubServer   Muserver Season 4 Full + SubServer EmptySab 11 Dez 2010, 13:42

Muserver Season 4 Changelog:

[Skill Effects] Soul Potion effect added [GS/GSCS]
. [Skill Effects] Bless Potion effect added [GS/GSCS]
. [Castle Siege] Castle Gates show with proper states [GS/GSCS]
. [Castle Siege] Castle Crown unlocks and locks in real time [GS/GSCS]
. [Castle Siege] Castle Crown announcement sent when shield Enabled/Disabled [GS/GSCS]
. Masters Exp Fix After Die [GS/GSCS]
. New Gate Moves, added random number padding, so ppl show up random place [GS/GSCS]
. [Duel System] Implemented winning announcement + Room + Score [GS/GSCS]
. [Duel System] At the end of Duel, duelers have 10 seconds to move [GS/GSCS]
. [Duel System] On login if player in Duel Map => moves to Volcanus [GS/GSCS]
. [Duel System] Sometime not all Duel parties get warped to the new map [GS/GSCS]
. [Duel System] Winning Duelere doesnt receive Gladiators Buf Fix [GS/GSCS]
. [Duel System] Duelers can not move until the duel is over [GS/GSCS]
. [Duel System] Request 'Only in Lorencia' fix [GS/GSCS]
. [Duel System] Spectator move = delete from the room [GS/GSCS]
. [Duel System] Fixed spectator move bug (stays invisible) [GS/GSCS]
. [Duel System] Spectators are not shown with correct invisible state fix [GS/GSCS]
. 3rd Level Wings ignore damage and attack rate % fix [GS/GSCS]
. 3rd Level Wings 5% damage return probability fix [GS/GSCS]
. Fixed Summoner Quest Item deletion (added level of quest item) [GS/GSCS]
. Increased Summoner Quest drop: Emperror, Ring of Glory and Churchil's Eye [GS/GSCS]
. Fixed Season 3 Quest Drop rate error for Feather, Horn and Flame [GS/GSCS]
. [ExtraExp] Separate ExtraExp for Party's [GS/GSCS]
. [ExtraExp] Now works with party too [GS/GSCS]
. /add Command Limited by Stat Limit by Character [GS/GSCS]
. [Calc Character] Attack Damage Edition for all classes [GS/GSCS]
. [Calc Character] Defense Edition for all classes [GS/GSCS]
. [Calc Character] Successful Blocking for all classes [GS/GSCS]
. [Calc Character] Attack Speed for all classes [GS/GSCS]
. [Calc Character] Magic Speed for all classes [GS/GSCS]
. Auto Add Exp -1 Value FIXED [GS/GSCS]
. [ExtraExp] Exp FIXED [GS/GSCS]
. [ExtraExp] Added by Maps [GS/GSCS]
. [ExtraExp] Added by VIP (New System) [GS/GSCS]
. [ExtraExp] Added by Resets [GS/GSCS]
. [Command] /playerinfo "playername" ADDED [GS/GSCS]
. Need Resets Option for create guild ADDED [GS/GSCS]
. BC 8 LIMIT BUG by exit and enter FIXED [GS/GSCS]
. Marry Position FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Skill Tree Effects now work 100% [GS/GSCS]
. Skill Tree Icons for Skills no longer dissapear [GS/GSCS]
. New Messages added om SCF_Message.ini [GS/GSCS]
. Player Stat Add Limit by Class [GS/GSCS]
. 3rd Wings z28 Options (Wizzardy and HP recovery) added [GS/GSCS]
. 3rd Wings Excellent Options Added [GS/GSCS]
. Fix on Mana and HP recovery options in Soket System + Wings [GS/GSCS]
. Golden Fernir Options Added [GS/GSCS]
. ConnectMember AutoReloader [GS/GSCS]
. ConnectMember Reload Console Command (/cmemberload) [GS/GSCS]
. Soket Options Effects completed 100% [GS/GSCS]
. Added symbol states to global character calculation formula, works now [GS/GSCS]
. Fixed Soket Option for min/max skill attack power and magic deffence [GS/GSCS]
. Fixes to Summoner Life refill Send [GS/GSCS]
. Changes Sleep Skill resistance calculation [GS/GSCS]
. Master Evil Spirit of MG FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Magic Circle ReCast FIX [GS/GSCS]
. New Duel System [GS/GSCS]
. Soket Options Additional Stats Fix [GS/GSCS]
. MISSING INFORMATION Error Message Fix during server transfer [GS/GSCS]
. Anti-Hack for 3rd Class Quest changed and minor fixes were done [GS/GSCS]
. Added support for more MAPS, up to 255 maps [GS/GSCS]
. SkyEvent Fixed ID storage error (KillCount, InEvent and Win Prize) [GS/GSCS]
. SkyEvent Mobs do not appear when event starts FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Anti-Hack System for Skill Learning, Dropping Fake Boxes and more [GS/GSCS]
. Fix on Learning skill 230 (Item 7707) Had wrong Item [GS/GSCS]
. Changes to the EXC option generation method of the eventitembags [GS/GSCS]
. [Custom Events] SkyEvent getting Stuck after running once Fix [GS/GSCS]
. Fix for EventItem bags (min, max level, zOption random) [GS/GSCS]
. Fix for Reset System info Re-Request [GS/GSCS]
. Guild SQL Injection Fix [GS/GSCS]
. Auto Add Exp FIXED [GS/GSCS]
. Suspicious merchant Moss Event [GS/GSCS]
. Excellent Shops [GS/GSCS]
. Raklion Event [GS/GSCS]
. Marry Square System [GS/GSCS]
. [Command] /getmarry [GS/GSCS]
. Player Class ofwerflow auto fix (on login & on logout) [GS/GSCS]
. Mastering Info Receive Check [GS/GSCS]
. Marry Info Receive Check [GS/GSCS]
. Resets Info Receive Check [GS/GSCS]
. PCPoints Info Receive Check [GS/GSCS]
. Auto Add Exp in Safe-Zone Option [GS/GSCS]
. Allow JOH Ancient Item Option [GS/GSCS]
. Allow Excellent Ancient Item Option [GS/GSCS]
. Reset Master Option Add for Remove previous resets [GS/GSCS]
. Reset SP System Doesnt read FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Item Move Limit FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Enter VIP Server without be VIP FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Skill Tree Level Up Points (Reading INI) FIX [GS/GSCS]
. SCFDB v3.4 FINAL VERSION - With Unicode Support
. Warehouse vs Move Anti-Hack implemented, prevent duping [GS/GSCS]
. Magic Circle Skill Fully Works [GS/GSCS]
. Season 3 Quest Item Req Count opt Added [GS/GSCS]
. Random game DC [Caused by: It's not his magic [ACCOUNT][CHAR] . ] [GSCS]
. Quest Anti-Hack fix against gaining points [GS/GSCS]
. Added new ini file for SkillTree System SCF_SkillTree.ini [GS/GSCS]
. Barraks and Refuge Quests killcount loading through SCF_Season3.ini [GS/GSCS]
. Dont add Event monsters if the events are Dissabled [GS]
. SCFdb Fixed [GS/GSCS]
. Extra Exp for VIP users in normal GS Fixed [GS/GSCS]
. Item Socket Recovery option fixed [GS/GSCS]
. BC Crash FIX [GS]
. Quest Anti-Hack implemented against paket editing and item check added [GS/GSCS]
. [Spawn] Monsters dont Reappear when died FIX [GS/GSCS]
. [Custom Events] Monsters dont appear FIX [GS/GSCS]
. [Custom Quest] Profession Change! - ADDED [GS/GSCS]
. Reset System for Masters different of Normal Characters [GS/GSCS]
. Master Skill tree server move visual bug fix [GS/GSCS]
. Season 4 Soket System 'RECOVERY' from old system included [GS/GSCS]
. Fixed Quest Class overflow (for multireset servers, that reset quests) [GS/GSCS]
. Character looses exp at max level if he is not 3rd Class [GS/GSCS]
. After LevelUP summoner has wrong HP [GS/GSCS]
. Summoner DC if DL uses firescream not far away [GS/GSCS]
. Summoner HP inconsistancies during DIE, Login, Warp [GS/GSCS]
. Kalima Gates Fixed for DL and MG (could not move to kalima 2 to 7) [GS/GSCS]
. Explotion Skill Drink FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Magic Circle Skill Drink FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Reduce Dmg Shield Skill Drink FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Five Shot Skill Drink FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Sword Slash Skill Drink FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Lighting Storm Skill Drink FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Birds Skill Drink FIX [GS/GSCS]
. After LevelUP summoner has wrong HP [GS/GSCS]
. Summoner DC if DL uses firescream not far away [GS/GSCS]
. Summoner HP inconsistancies during DIE, Login, Warp [GS/GSCS]
. Kalima Gates Fixed for DL and MG (could not move to kalima 2 to 7) [GS/GSCS]
. Item Move Limit FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Master SkillTree Skills dmg fix [GS/GSCS]
. Master SkillTree MaxLife Show Fine on Connect FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Master IceStorm much damage fixed [GS/GSCS]
. Mastering Level fix, no more going over the Max Level [GS/GSCS]
. Mastering Level fix, no more levelup points after max level [GS/GSCS]
. If CryWolf event has been lost, NPC doesnt dissapear [GSCS]
. Visual Effect for altar user missing [GSCS]
. Fixed CryWolf Altar visual States [GSCS]
. ChaosCardProbability FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Monster AI Element FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Rebuilt Mastering Level-Up system, no more levelup after max level [GS/GSCS]
. Socket System Mix of Spear Seed Level Fix [GS/GSCS]
. Anti-Hack System for Lehap improved -> added trade states [GS/GSCS]
. Anti-Hack System for Warp and Gate Moves added against item duping [GS/GSCS]
. When kill a pk you become a pk [GS/GSCS]
. Socket System Box-To-Box GS crash issue fixed [GS/GSCS]
. Added Switch to Enable/Disable EXC drop of Socket Items (default: off) [GS/GSCS]
. When u try to upgrade the socket item in chaos goblin machine, sockets vanish [GS/GSCS]
. Fixed item delition from Socket machine if moved from-to same position [GS/GSCS]
. Fixed EventItemBag names messup, added new EventItemBags [35-39] [GS/GSCS]
. New Transformation Ring of Snow Man [GS/GSCS]
. Summoner First wings with PET Visual BUG on Selection Screen FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Summoner First wings with PET Visual BUG on Game FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Map Move FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Reset Mail Send and Check FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Santa's NPC (468 to 475) Shops Added [GS/GSCS]
. Santa Invitation Warp to Santa Map [GS/GSCS]
. GS Packets recv from SCFdb fixes for SCFdb3 [GS/GSCS]
. [Command] /addbuff fixes [GS/GSCS]
. Marry bad field FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Doesnt load Marry settings FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Doesnt save the sometimes SkillTree [GS/GSCS]
. Does not Increase damage by +11 [item with any type of sockets] [GS/GSCS]
. VipMoney Recv FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Reset System send mail with req items in reset level [GS/GSCS]
. Reset System add luck, opt, skill, level on item req. [GS/GSCS]
. DL Cant equip rings, pendants, and accesories FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Item(kor).txt added Summoner Row [GS/GSCS]
. Item(kor).txt can add 3 value for masters example (1 dw 2 sm 3 gm) [GS/GSCS]
. Map Move Server in GS does not support maps with index over 50 [GS/GSCS]
· Cant dissable shield protecting the crown in castle siege event [GSCS]
. Visual effects do not show on monsters and characters when seen on screen [GS/GSCS]
. Night Skill Addition Fix (on Monster die, complete structure clean) [GS/GSCS]
. PCPoint Shop Dupe FIX [GS/GSCS]
. SCF_EventManagement.dat new system [GS/GSCS]
. Illusion Temple Skins [GS/GSCS]
. Married People cant TRACE inside Events FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Happy Hour Exp FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Checksum Main FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Quest DarkElf FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Fixed Improper CheckSum combination for delete socket option [GS/GSCS]
. On Item Bless, JOH, JOL and so on... Socket options visually dissapear [GS/GSCS]
. GM Logo Icon Fix on top of the players head [GS/GSCS]
. Lehap Trade-Dupe Method [GS/GSCS]
· Have to hold control down to attack players [GSCS]
· Not allowed to switch char while in CS [NOT A BUG!!!][WEBZEN PROTECTION] [GSCS]
. Transformation Ring buffs and effects during equip fix [GS/GSCS]
. Socket System Mix: Remove Option, item delition FIX [GS/GSCS]
. Socket System Engine change [crash fix, mem fix, options dissapear fix] [GS/GSCS]
. Season 4 Socket Item drop added + new options SCF_Season4.ini [GS/GSCS]
. 75% Less Memory usage implementation [New exe + dll tech] [GS/GSCS]
. Season 4 Chaos Box Mix Delete option from item [GS/GSCS]
. Season 4 Chaos Box Mix Insert option in item [GS/GSCS]
. Implemented SCF_SocketItems.txt to read Socket Items [GS/GSCS]
. Season 4 Chaos Box Mix Seed Spear (Success/Fail) [GS/GSCS]
. Season 4 Chaos Box Mix Seed Jewel (Success/Fail) [GS/GSCS]
. Item Dissapear from inventory fix (move item function) [GS/GSCS]
. Season 4 Socket Options work on Equip [GS/GSCS]
. Season 4 Chaos Box created [item move inv<->box] [GS/GSCS]
. Season 4 Item Move on same spot crash fix [GS/GSCS]
. New Player Global Structure (crash/delay fix for some cases) [GS/GSCS]
. Anti-ALT-F4 Bug System [Rollback Fix][On Chaos Mix] [GS/GSCS]
. Anti-ALT-F4 Bug System [Rollback Fix][On Server Move] [GS/GSCS]
. Can not Sell to NPC equipped items, anti-disapear of items [GS/GSCS]
. Season 4 Options Warehouse Load & Save [GS/GSCS]
. Season 4 Items with new options drop and pickup Fix [GS/GSCS]
. Season 4 Options Inventory Load & Save [GS/GSCS]

Há pouca informação sobre a versão ^ ^:


Esta versão é 100% trabalho e testados.
EdataServer removido (razão: vírus)
Novos arquivos de Oski com novas configurações que não são feitas.
Adicionado SubServer
Por favor, não diga Esta é a mesma versão, não é!
Obrigado a todos e se divertir

Esta é a versão 9 do arquivo e aqui estão as correções:

Adições e correções
-Corrigido erro Main.exe CashShop
Adicionou Map e NPC trabalho DuelSystem
-Fixed servidor 100% CashShop
-Fixed move map 100%
-Fixed NPC Text.bmd Duel para mostrar Inglês
Adicionado música para o cliente para o fato de 100% de cliente
Evento Sky Eliminado fazer New MonsterSetBase
Adicionado completamente gera clássico para todos os mapas:)
-Fixed todas as missões e NPC
Fixa-cliente para verificar a busca por dizer mata 3 monstros
Changed Gameserver_CS Gameserver e tomate (sorry for nick não lembro) de crack passado.
Crywolf.dat fixa com as novas informações.

GM and Admin Commands:



Players Commands:

-/post - Fixed
-/marry - Fixed

V.I.P Commands:



Screenies [Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver esta imagem.]

[Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver esta imagem.]

[Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver esta imagem.]

In Game :

[Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver esta imagem.]

New Skill:
[Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver esta imagem.]

[Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver esta imagem.]

New Stats 65 000:
[Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver esta imagem.]

New MonsterSetBases:
[Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver esta imagem.]

CashShop Server:
[Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver esta imagem.]

Castle Siage:
[Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver esta imagem.]

Chaos Castle:
[Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver esta imagem.]

Server Informção:

Information Server:

- Wingi lvl 3 100%
- Quest 3 para a classe 3 - 100%
- Socket System - 100%
- Master Tree Skill - 100%
- Competências Summoner - 100%
- Todos os Mapas - 100%
- PC Point System - 100%
- Guild War - 100%
- Guild Alliance - 100%
- Guild Alliance Chat - 100%
- Guild Hostility - 100%
- Battle Soccer - 100%
- Duel - 100%
- Party - 100%
- Personal Store - 100%
- Lahap - 100%
- Elf Soldier - 100%
- Character Delete - 100%
- Deletar Guild - 100%
- Chat - 100%
- Mu Mail - 100%
- GM Command - 100%
- Players Command - 100%
- 2 º Class Quest - 100%
- Marlon Quest - 100%
- Pet Trainer - 100%
- Pet Creation - 100%
- Chaos Machine Combination - 100%
- Party Zen Bug - 100%
- Skill - 100%
- EventItemBag - 100%
- Bug CP - 100%
- Bug Potion - 100%
- Ancient Items - 100%
- Dark Horse - 100%
- Dark Raven - 100%
- Todos os Box'y - 100%
- Pântano de tranquilidade - 100%
- Duel Mapa - 100%
- 4 ª Temporada Shop - 100%
- 3 ª Temporada Shop - 100%
- 3 ª Temporada Skill - 100%
- 4 ª Temporada Skill - 100%
- 3 ª Temporada NPC - 100%
- 4 ª Temporada NPC - 100%
- Season 3 Itens - 100%
- Season 4 Itens - 98%
- Season 3 Mobs - 100%
- Season 4 mobs - 100%
- Season 3 Mapas - 100%
- 4 ª Temporada Maps - 100%
- Anéis Novo - 100%


- Blood Castle Event - 99%
- Devil Square Event - 100%
- Chaos Castle Event - 100%
- Boss Attack Event -100%
- Kantru Event - 100%
- Illusion Teample Event - 100%
- Happy Hour Event - 100%
- Golden Invasion - 100%
- White Wizzard - 100%
- Rabbit Event - 100%
- Sky Event - 100%
- Blue Event - 100%
- Hit and up Event - 100%
- Halloween Event - 100%
- Raklion Event - 100%
- Merchant Moss - 100%
- Duel Event - 100%
- Castle Siege - 100%
-Crywolf - 100%

Client Information:


Version: 22895 / 1.05.50
Serial: ImperialMuOnline
Download Thise Main.exe from Attached Files Down

Ip Change...

1.ConnectServer \ Datos de programa \ ServerList [BoR]. Dat
2.Data \ IpList.dat
3.Data \ Lang \ Kor \ CommonLoc.cfg
4.Data \ MapServerInfo.dat
5.Data \ MapServerInfo_CS.dat

SQL Info Change...

1.Event \ Datos de programa \ SvConfig.ini
2.ExDB \ ExDB.ini
3.Ranking \ SvConfig.ini
4.Programas \ SCFDB \ SCFdb.ini
5.GameServer \ SCF_Connect.ini
6.GameServer_CS \ SCF_Connect.ini
7.SubServer \ GameServer \ SCF_Connect.ini


Server Files Season 4 Full + SubServer : -
[Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver este link.]
More Mirrors Soon

New Edit Tool for the server and client by diablo71 :
[Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver este link.]

Client : -
[Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver este link.]

Main.exe (info on the main is above downloads) : -
[Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver este link.]
More Mirrors Soon

Creditos :
- WebZen


[Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver esta imagem.]
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Muserver Season 4 Full + SubServer
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